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2019 Annual Bull Sale
"Heart of the Herd" Female Production Sale

Web 6th Feb 2019   Commencing 11.00am (SA time)





  The 2019 Annual Sale not only allows us a chance to showcase our program it is also an exciting opportunity for us to offer a group of Bulls and Females to you. In this year's sale we will offer our annual draft of Stud and Herd Bulls as well as a group of Females in what we are calling a ^Heart of the Herd ̄ Female Production Sale.
Apart from the 32 young Sires on offer we are excited to be able to offer 18 Pregnancy Tested In Calf Heifers and 32 Matrons of the herd that are proven females with their 2018 calves at side and rejoined. The 2017 drop heifers have been AI joined to trait enhancing sires and then backed up to Mt Ararat Jet L024 while the Matrons have either AI our natural calves at side and rejoined similarly to AI or our Herd Sires.
We are well aware that the year has continued to be a very trying time for some of our clients who have been dealt the cruel hand of Mother Nature with the extended dry, while the cost of feed and reduced cattle price have added to the issue. While we have enjoyed a fair season in the South a damp Winter had placed pressure on our program and we to are very conscious of the cost of fodder and the effect it has on your business.
Both Dong and I continue to be motivated by what the Australian Cattle Industry offers and we hope to be able to provide you with a diverse group of genetics with desirable traits and phenotype for your programs. The decision to offer Matrons from the Heart of the Lakeside Herd was made to firstly reduce some numbers from within our program but to also share some of the wonderful females and the strong genetics that had been the corner stone of our foundation through the purchase of the Waterfront and Callendale Herds.
We wish to extend an invitation to join us for our Field Day on Monday the 4th of February and to also join us on Sale Day Wednesday the 6th of February 2019. We look forward to welcoming new visitors and old friends to our Lakeside property and introducing our breeding program to you.